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I invite you to discover my artworks

I work by theme, mainly inspired by what surrounds me, social events that speak of us.

Each theme gives birth to a collection that I present to you here chronologically.

2022_16_Je proclame la paix_48x72po_W.jpg

2020 collection
There was twice a deconfinement

2020_Espoir inusité_Acrylique et pastel

Collection 2020
Twice Upon a Deconfinement

Vague de joie.jpg

2019 collection
From coast to coast

La combattante assouvie.jpg

2017 collection
I follow...


2012-2013 collection
The indignant

2021_Je suis la fée rieuse_72x60cm.png

Collection 2021
Vibration | Tension | Sensation


2020 collection
There was once a deconfinement


2018 collection
I implore the time not to leave me

SelfieDeNous Exil7_JeSuisLEternelRecomme

2016 collection
Selfie of us: exile




2021_J'embrase ma destinée_ombre.png

Collection 2021
Un monde à coeur

Embouteillage d'états d'âme.jpeg

2019 collection
From one continent to another


2018 collection
THE migrant traveler


2015 collection

Selfie of you

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