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Qu'en est-il de nous ...

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Vernissage | Opening reception

Mercredi 10 juillet 17h-20h | Wednesday July 10 5-8 PM

... J'oeuvre en humanité.

During the pandemic in 2020, if I had the pleasure of seeing a little girl extend our lineage, all the measures in place which reduced our freedoms to move spoke to me very strongly. Coming from a family plagued by the tragedy of immigration since the beginning of the 20th century, I can only note its dispersion to the four corners of the earth. I wondered about the family legacy for my ancestors, what remains of our family culture when each of us adheres to the culture that welcomed us.

I therefore chose to build a family tree on my mother's side - the one where I know the impact of immigration - which I want visual and textual. For each member I write an echo-praise - a self-praise that resonates with this person - whose inspiration will be the trigger for an echo-portrait, a portrait that echoes my feelings - in my abstract expressionist style.

It is this family tree, my family legend, to which I bear witness. Each member of my family will thus be presented with a sentence that proved to be the most evocative to me. French, and English will be displayed to which the original languages will be added in homage to our origins.

Corinne Asseraf


1346 av. Greene - WestMount 
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