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It is the time of celebration.


Caroline and I are offering you the fruit of our work during these last 2 months spent in artist residency.

We chose to work together, each exploring a more abstract side than we usually do, Caroline in sculpture and I in painting.

Two months of dialogue, listening, observation, exploration.

We are happy to share during these open days all of our production, an abstraction to our measure ....


We have privileged meetings by offering you 3 long days to give you the choice of the time of your visit.

We look forward to welcoming you and discussing ...

PS. For people who will not be able to be present at these open days, I suggest you discover my works »» »

The works presented are for sale and can be sent in France and internationally.

An art without borders

Readings of my poems that inspired the works are being considered.

Muddled in the sun

I explore the joy

As a rhythm of happiness


I am the laughing fairy

I cultivate passion

For millennia

I praise the immensity of the sacred forgotten

Over the horizon

I deploy my armies

I fight in unison

Of a joy to exist


I target the marvelous

Modern day fallow

I deliver it to the ancestors

To pretentious dreamers

To the lost of this world


I am a faithful flame

Peace lover

I light up one by one

The gardens of this world

And delivers without purpose

The hymn of the marvelous.

Véroniq. 2021

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