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Véronique Besançon Artist Painter

Véronique Besançon Artist Painter


I invite you to discover my artistic research by visiting the galleries of available works and / or through the collections that reveal my artistic journey.


My inspiration is stimulated by spontaneous writing that I transmute into visual language.

I thus create universes that explore my human interiority.

This practice allows me to discover its complexity and to speak up.

This results in the staging of characters,
such situations centered on social interaction.

A tête-à-tête between us.

These works are original and unique.

I play with a variety of sizes on canvas, wood panel or paper.
I create my acrylic painting from pure pigments
and I discreetly associate it with dry pastels or oil.


It's a constantly changing world that I'm happy to share with you!
After virtual viewing, my studio is open to you!



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“A painting lives only by the one who looks at it.” Picasso!

I would love to hear from you!
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