Véronique Besançon was born in Marrakech in 1959, from a French father and a Russian-Hungarian mother. In 1965, her family moved to Paris. She pursued university studies in clinical psychology. The human being is already her primary concern and challenges her in its complexity and essence. By taking an interest in the development of the person, she turned to the field of pedagogy. She arrives in Montreal in a university setting in 1997 and she adopts Quebec by heart. She pursues a career as a consultant in educational technology at the Université de Montréal. At the same time, she devotes herself to creative and innovative practices in contemporary dance, theatre, automatic writing and painting.


A self-taught artist for more than a dozen years, she has been exploring the amalgamation of pigments in a free gesture of pictorial abstraction. As colours and words draw her reflection, Véronique Besançon develops an artistic research that uses personal interiority to try to understand its human complexity. She creates universes that establish a dialogue between her characters. They reflect places, present moments, releases taken, developed as the beginning of stories, bringing out the human essence. She documents her artistic journey through collections of paintings and poetry.

Que se dit-on quand on ne parle pas?

In today's fast-paced societies, where time passes through our lives with events of all kinds, we are constantly evolving among invisible social zones.  This group spirit is not just the passive result of a gregarious instinct, it creates a collective imprint, a collective unconsciousness, a collective memory, whatever you want to call it, it is like an accumulation of energies nourished by the feelings, desires, ideals or fears of all our humanity. 


As an artist, art brings its share of human confrontations and my inspiration is born in an unconscious form that is defined by a sensory receptivity that absorbs this egregore. But if we are able to generate together this shared consciousness, how can we translate it into words, how can we look at the world as a whole, how can we analyse and understand it? 


It is on the basis of these notions that my greatest concern, or rather my artistic unconscious, gives me the impression of being stuck in the existence of the other. It creates a tension of emotions and feelings, which do not belong to me, but which I can transpose on canvas, leaving the pictorial trace of the emergence of a group spirit.


My approach is at first intuitive, of course, but later it unravels in narrative form, to disappear under layers and layers of colour, stains and imprints. Nothing is completed if there is not the finality of making emerge through free gestures, strokes in pastels, scrawled like sketches on the surface like a spontaneous writing. 


Everything becomes limpid, creating stories, anecdotes of social facts, letting characters emerge, always with indefinite atmospheres, but whose sketched bodies become like an analysis of the essential of the human being. These characters who are the result of an encounter, a look, a public event, a journey, a memory of a situation personally experienced but with someone other than myself, but of all these spaces-time, I was there, I was present. 


Thus, through an inner look, my painting relates my multicultural connection, an art brut that is impregnated with the traces left by the observation of others.



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Solo exhibitions

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2020 - "At the heart of the world" - Senthé, Montreal

2019 - "The heart of the world" - Galerie Le 1040, Montreal

2019 - "Open heart" - Gallery space, Saint Sauveur
2018-19 - “Freeze frame, when emotion is revealed…” - Parcours M, Montreal

2017 - "I am the migrant traveler" - Galerie Espace, Montreal

2017 - “Words are windows or walls…” - Galerie Josette Tilmant, St Sauveur

2016 - Maison Parent-Roback, Montreal

2015 - “Selfie of you” - Atrium Verses, Montreal

2015 - Beaubien Cinema, Montreal

2014 - "Conciliabule" - Carrefour Culturel, Rosemont Petite Patrie, Montreal

2013 - "Vanishing point of the meeting" - Galerie Fabienne Rhein, Montreal

2013 - Promenade Masson, Montreal

2012 - "Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer: Les indignés" - Galerie Espace Contemporain, Montreal

2012- “With recycled frames, unveiled paintings” - Belgo, Galerie d'Art Contemporain Le Verseau, Montreal

International exhibitions

2020 - "Art against single thought", Contemporary art workshops - Mairie de Montreuil, France

2019 - "20/20", Galerie Nadar, Casablanca, Morocco

2019 - International Art Fair, 10th Sarria Biennale, AAC, Sarria, Spain

2019 - Humanitarian project for the benefit of Syrian children - Town Hall, Vienna, Austria

2018 - Artist residency Marrakech - Mohamed Sekkat University Library, Casablanca

2017 - ArtFair Beijing, China
2017 - 16 -15 - 14 -13 - 12 “Women in Art” - Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, New-York

2016 - 15 -14-13-12 - ArtExpo New-York, New York

2016 - “Summer Solstice”, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New-York

2016 - 15 - “The unexpected”, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New-York

2014 - Show de Bola, Martha Watts Cultural Center, Piracicaba, Brazil

2014 - Show de Bola, Centro Cultural Justiça Federal, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2014 - Show de Bola, Biblioteca Prefeito Prestes Maia, Santo Amaro, Brazil

Since 2012 - Ward Nasse Gallery, Soho, New-York

Duo - trio - quartet exhibitions

2018 - “Marie and Véronique make an exhibition” Galerie Âme-Art, Montreal

2018 - “Rencontre au feminine”, Vues d'Afrique, Montreal

2014 - "Multidisciplinary group" - Galerie Gora, Montreal

2014 - "Le Rendez-vous" - Espace Gallery, Montreal

2014 - "Architecture and environment" - RCARPP, Esplanade Loft project, Montreal

2013 - "The Body in All Its States" - RCARPP, Esplanade Loft project, Montreal

2013 - "Zoom In, Zoom Out" - Galerie Espace Contemporain, Montreal

2013 - “From Origin to Atmosphere” - Galerie Espace, Montreal

2012 - “Let's occupy space! »Espace Gallery, Montreal

Collective exhibitions

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2019-18 - "Your papers please", Exhib'Art Gallery, Ville st laurent

2019 - “Africa-America Expo Retrouvailles” 10th edition - Views of Africa Expo Rally, Casa Italia, Montreal

2019 - Collective - HangArt Gallery, Montreal

2019 - “Tout en couleurs” - Espace Galerie, Saint Sauveur
2017 - "Great Big small III" - Cube Gallery - Ottawa

2017 - "The choice of artists" - Arts and materials and Movim-Arts group Quebec-Canada - MAA - Montreal

2017 - “Color against pain” - Saint Lambert

2017 - "The best time" - Mile End Gallery, Montreal

2017 - "Retrouvaille" - Rallye expos Vue d'Afrique, Moroccan Cultural Center, Montreal

2017 - "Small formats" - Josette Tilmant Art Gallery, St Sauveur

2016 - “Sensibility” - Fontaine Gallery, Gatineau

2016 - 15 - 14 - "Rencontre" - Rallye expos Vue d'Afrique, Montreal

2016 - 15 - “It's beautiful but what is it? »- Galerie des Cent Talents, Montreal

2015 - “Cities and Villages of Quebec as seen by 50 artists” - Laurier Museum in Victoriaville

2015 - "The art that seduces" - Galerie Carte Blanche, Montreal

2015 - "Entre Nous" - Maison Trestler, Vaudreuil-Dorion

2014 - “The heritage… seen by our artists” - Maison de la culture Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie, Montreal

2014 - “C'est gros en petit” - Galerie Zéphyr, Montreal

2014 - Vue d'Afrique rally, Montreal, Maison Parent-Roback, Montreal

2014-13-12 - Themed exhibitions - Mile End Gallery, Montreal

2014 - "Art Market place" - Center d'art EK Voland Art Gallery , Montreal

2013 - “Traits d'Unions” - Rallye expos Vue d'Afrique, Montreal

2013 - “Femmes Artistes” - Rallye expos Vues d'Afrique, Montreal

2013 - “Luminosity, Yellow Art” - Contemporary Space, Montreal

2013 - ArtsSutton - Art Gallery, Sutton

2013 - "Vibrant" - Viva Vida Art Gallery, Pointe Claire

2012 - Nuit Blanche - Le Belgo, Le Verseau Art Gallery, Montreal

2011-12 - Le Verseau Art Gallery, Le Belgo, Montreal

2011 - 12 - Galerie d'Art Trudel, Joliette

Symposiums and exhibitions with selection

2020 - Les Rendez-vous Arts Sutton, Sutton

2020- VASA - Arts Festival's "Colors of South Asia" online exhibition
2019 - Artfest, Toronto

2018 - Toronto Outdoor, Toronto

2018-17- 16 - Live painting Festival Classica, St Lambert

2017 - "Fall dreams" Symposiun Baie Saint-Paul

2018-17-16 - Autumn Fair of the Mont St Hilaire Museum, Mont St Hilaire

2018-17- 16-15-14-13 -12 - TRAM Fall Show, Town of Mont Royal

2016 - 15 - TRACES Symposium, Champboisé

2015 - Expo-vente Mtl en Arts / Plaza St-Hubert, Montreal

2014 - Symposium, Festiv'Art de Frelighsburg

2013 - 14 - 29th and 30th Concours-Gala, Circle of painters and sculptors of Quebec, Mtl

2013 - CAVMA Show - Palais des Congrès, Gatineau

2013 - Expo Concours Automnale AAPARS, Center Dulude, St-Bruno

2013 - Art and Gardens Symposium, Boucherville

2013 - At the artists' park, Art Gallery, Outremont

2013- Visit'Art Symposium, Ste-Hyacinthe

Participation in charitable and social events

2020 - LCF Foundation auctions for children in need of Lebanon

2018 - Memory holes - Exhib'art, Saint Laurent Recreation Center
2018-17-16-13 - “Parle-moi d'Amour”, Galerie des Impatients, Montreal, Wellington Center

2018-16-15-14 - Culture Days, Montreal

2016-15-14 - Les Meals on Wheels, Montreal

2013 - Le Baluchon- Ste Hyacinthe

Participation in artistic associations

Since 2013 - RAAV - Regrouping of visual artists of Quebec

Since 2012 - RACRPP - Rosemont Petite Patrie arts and culture group

Since 2012 - TRAM - Roundtable in Art - Ville Mon-Royal


2017 - Sell your works without losing your soul - RAAV- Montreal

2013 - Artistic career management - Autonomous spaces

2008-12 - Gesture workshop - Montreal

2011 - Writing workshop for artistic approach and exhibition projects - RAAV - Montreal

1996-98 - Atelier Plumelle - Montpellier - France

Awards and honors

2018 - 2nd prize TRAM Art Fair, Town of Mount Royal

2016 - Artist invited to the spring show of the association of painters of Longueuil, Longueuil

2015 - Mention - TRAM Art Fair, Town of Mount-Royal

2015 - Sponsors' Award, TRAM Art Fair, Town of Mont-Royal

2014 - Bronze medal - Contemporary Art Category - 30th International Sound and Light Visual Arts Gala, Montreal

2013 - 2nd prize in the non-figurative category - AAPARS fall competition exhibition

2013 - 3rd prize in Visual Art - Abstraction - Art & Jardins Symposium, Boucherville

2012 - Mention La Grande Distinction In distinct technique - 29th International Sound and Light Visual Arts Gala, Montreal


2016 - Expo-concours, AAPL, Jacques-Ferron Cultural Center, Longueuil

2016 - Exhibition competition, Halte des arts, Val des monts


2020 - "Journal d'un confinement, Extracts - What we say about ourselves" Collection of poems and paintings Montreal- ISBN 978-2-9816344-7-4

2020 - "Journal d'un confinement, Extracts - What we say about ourselves" Collection of poems and paintings
Montreal- ISBN 978-2-9816344-7-4

2019 - Artists for Peace Biennial - Exhibition catalog, Ecomusée du Fier Monde, Montreal

2019 - "From one ocean to another" - Collection of paintings and poems, Véronique Besançon - Montreal -ISBN 978-2-9816344-5-0

2018 - “I implore the moment not to leave me” - Collection of poems and paintings - Montreal- ISBN 978-2-9816344-4-3

2018 - "Marie and Véronique make an exhibition" - Exhibition catalog - Montreal - 978-2-9816344-3-6

20 18 - "Speak to me of love" - Catalog les impatients , Montreal

2017 - "I am the migrant traveler" Exhibition catalog - Montreal - ISBN 978-2-9816344-2-9

2017– “150 variations of metamorphoses”, Catalog of the 2016 autumn fair, museums of fine arts of Mont St Hilaire

2017- “I am…” Collection of paintings and poems, Véronique Besançon - ISBN 978-2-9816344-1-2

2017 - "Horizon" Works of art chosen by the public collection of Ville Mont Royal - ISBN978-2-9804727-64-9

2016 - “SelfieDeNous l'Exil” Collection of paintings and poems, Véronique Besançon - ISBN 978-2-9816344-0-5

2017 - "Speak to me about love" - ​​Catalog

2017 - 2016 - Women in Art - Catalog, Curator Leda Maria, Ward-Nasse Gallery, New-York

2016 - “150 variations of water stories”, Catalog of the 2016 autumn fair, museums of fine arts of Mont St Hilaire

2016 - 15 - International Directory of Fine Arts - Art Diffusion

2015 - Artsy Shark Feed - Abstract Showcase

2014 - Bola Show - Catalog

2013 - Babill'AAPARS - 10th edition of the AAPARS fall exhibition-competition An unprecedented success! - Stéphane Bergeron

2013 - Get indignant! - Mile End Journal -

2013 - - What do you say to yourself when you don't speak - Lisa Marie-Noël

2013 - Forum UdeM Nouvelles - Advisor and artist - Dominique Nancy